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Mercer Growth Fund

The Mercer Society, a 501c3 organization, established the Mercer Growth Fund in 2021 to carry out the Society’s mission of bringing plants, people and opportunities together to benefit Mercer Botanic Gardens.

The Mercer Growth Fund will support project based fundraising to include capital campaigns for expansion buildings, reimagining areas of the gardens that exceed above and beyond the Garden’s operating budget, and other large projects as identified by the Board of Directors and Mercer Botanic Garden staff.

The first project under the Mercer Growth Fund is to support the creation of a new Propagation Center.


In August of 2017, Hurricane Harvey brought with it 10-12 feet of floodwater to Mercer Botanic Gardens. This devastating storm still is impacting the buildings and grounds of the gardens.

A master plan was unveiled in 2019 to include flood mitigation efforts to protect the gardens from future disasters. Phase 1 funding has been awarded to Harris County Precinct 4 from the State’s Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery program.

A fallen tree caused by Harvey’s flood waters at Houston’s Mercer Botanic Gardens.
Future Location & Master Plan (click to enlarge)

Phase 1 of this master plan includes the acquisition of 40 acres south of the gardens, a wet bottom retention area, and three new greenhouses elevated above the floodplain.
The existing greenhouses on the property will be removed and space will be reimagined into green space for gathering, events, and programming.

The current funding does not include a Propagation Center. The Mercer Botanic Garden staff approached the Mercer Society about the need for this fourth building.

Fundraising Goal

Fundraising for the Propagation Center has officially kicked off. The fundraising goal is $200,000 to include the construction of the Propagation Center and purchasing the supplies to make it functional.

For more information about donating to the Propagation Center Contact The Mercer Society at 713-274-4166
or Consultant Kelly Moore at 832-497-3766.