Mission Statement

The Mission of The Mercer Society is to “Bring Together Plants, People and Opportunities” to benefit Mercer Botanic Gardens.

The Mercer Society (TMS) is the nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization of the Mercer Botanic Gardens working to enable Mercer Gardens to fulfill its mission “To improve quality of life and inspire greater appreciation of the essential value and beauty of the plant world”. Through fundraising, specialty plant sales, horticultural propagation and outreach that fosters and develops relationships, partnerships and connections, TMS is a vibrant and essential partner of the Mercer Botanic Gardens

Together, The Mercer Society and the Mercer Botanic Gardens, create a social space that draws people of all ages to the Gardens for fun, learning, social interaction, quiet and peaceful spaces, beauty and personal enrichment.

Board Of Directors

Rick Dow

Nellene Harvey

Cheryl Byrd

David Huber

Sarah McMurrey

Amy McLeod Conroy

Emily Swindler

Patrick Callaghan

Andrew Humphreys

(Rice Fellow Student)

Chris Ludwig

Member Botanic Garden Director