Key structural damages resulted following the then historic April 18, 2016 Tax-Day Flood. Access to Storey Lake, long a favorite destination for visitors, with its striking pavilion, fountain jets and delightful turtles that beg for treats, was barred and still remains so.

2016 Tax Day Flood

Hurricane Harvey in 2017 dealt another forceful blow to the Gardens and The Mercer Society. Structural damages, as well as damage to the Garden’s plant life, resulted after the four days of continuous flood waters inundated the Gardens. Many of our favorite gardens have now reopened, fountains replaced and new gardens soon to become reality thus the Rebuild effort is well underway.  As a further symbol of our recovery, we are asking for your financial partnership in replacing and restoring historic loved landmarks in the Garden.

Won’t you help us celebrate our Rebuild effort! Donate today to our Rebuild Campaign and be a partner with us as we strive to make Mercer Botanic Garden better than ever!