Raise the Roof

One key structural result of the historic April 18, 2016 Tax-Day Floods, was the loss of a wooden footbridge connecting Storey Lake to the rest of Mercer. Access to Storey Lake, long a favorite destination for visitors, with its striking pavilion, fountain jets and delightful turtles that beg for treats, now remains barred.

2016 Tax Day Flood

As part of the flood reconstruction effort, Harris County Precinct 4 will replace the old bridge this summer with a new, stronger bridge. As a further symbol of our renewal, it is being designed with an additional feature; a roof crafted of materials that will match the roof of the nearby pavilion, transforming the bridge into a true gateway to Storey Lake.

Since this roof was not part of the original structure, additional funding is needed to cover its cost. A covered bridge will add a uniquely stunning, aesthetic ambiance to the rear Garden but, we need your participation and help to “Raise the Roof.”

Won’t you help us celebrate this symbol of our renewal?  Donate now to “Raise the Roof!”