Help us Rebuild the Gardens and The Mercer Society.

Hurricane Harvey, a storm of epic proportions, unprecedented in size, brought massive devastation to our community, including The Mercer Society (TMS) and Mercer Botanic Gardens.  For five days in late August 2017, rain pelted the entire region leaving in its wake a scale of destruction beyond comprehension. The destruction of Harvey is yet to be fully quantified.

One year prior, during the Tax-Day Floods in April 2016, Mother Nature first delivered a significant wake-up call as catastrophic flood waters poured out of the banks of Cypress Creek inundating the Gardens, destroying blooming annuals, stripping bark from trees, crumbling large trees and leaving behind a landscape of sandy silt with dunes as high as five feet.

We will recover and Rebuild Mercer along with The Mercer Society. With your support, we will recover and be better able to ensure that Mercer Botanic Garden will help to engage, inspire, preserve, educate and enrich lives for generations. For 44 years, donors like you have helped Mercer Botanic Garden. And, since 2000, you have helped The Mercer Society fulfill its mission to promote the importance of plant diversity, natural habitats, and botanical research.

Your generosity and gift are especially welcomed at this time. Future development must be at a higher elevation. Acquiring the adjacent acreage to the Gardens went from becoming a desire to a necessity in a matter of hours. The first 10 acres of a 34-acre parcel was acquired in November 2016.  Acquiring the remainder of that parcel and rebuilding the Gardens after Hurricane Harvey is now at the center of our Rebuild Mercer campaign. With your donation, you can be a part of our Rebuild Mercer team.

Donating to our Most Pressing Need helps us, The Mercer Society, to also recover our losses sustained from Harvey, offer special events, educate visitors about the natural world, preserve valuable plants around the globe and expand our beautiful horticultural display gardens. With your support, all of this is possible. Please call The Mercer Society office at 713.274.4166 with questions.

The Mercer Society is grateful for donations of any kind and invites you to partner with us in whatever fashion is most meaningful to you. The Mercer Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in good standing. Contributions to The Mercer Society are fully tax-deductible.

To designate your gift as a memorial, honorarium, or commemorative certificate please follow the instructions after your donation is processed. Commemorative certificates are available for commemorative gifts of $100 or more, and information on engraved pavers is available under Memorials. Thank you!

Assigning Your Gift

When making your donation, you may choose to assign your gift to Mercer’s Most Pressing Needs or to one of the following six categories:

  • Harvey TMS Restoration – help The Mercer Society restore their office operations, re-open The Mercer Society Gift and Plant Shoppe and refurbish the North Side Growing Compound following Hurricane Harvey’s devastation.
  • Rebuild Mercer – help acquire adjacent land to Rebuild Mercer on higher elevations.
  • Harvey Restoration – help restore the Mercer Botanic Gardens meeting room following the recent devastation of Hurricane Harvey in August 2017 (includes the Raise the Roof campaign). 
  • General Operating for Gardens: Horticulture and Education  – help support our magnificent seasonal displays & permanent collections and through education programs inspire and enrich audiences of all ages.
  • Center for Plant Conservation – help support our valuable research and herbarium collections.
  • Kids Summer Camp Series  – help underwrite the costs associated with this wonderful summer horticultural and nature exploration series.