Summer Event for Kids gets kid thumbs up !

This Summer we have a full calendar of events for all our children. Find out more about our monthly events.

The first session of The Time Tunnel was a huge success and the second session got the official kids thumbs up. More events with children in mind are being planned for the fall, so watch this space for more details!

Kids… enjoy the summer, stay well hydrated and see you in the garden with mom and dad.


One thought on “Summer Event for Kids gets kid thumbs up !

  1. This new webpage looks great!
    It makes me miss even more the people I met and worked with as a volunteer at Mercer. I hope to be back in a couple of months working and learning (famous last words for me). I may have to find things that I can do that don’t involve lifting, bending or walking/standing for more than a short time.
    I encourage everyone to volunteer at the garden. I grew up gardening, but I must say that being able to learn from the outstanding volunteer and professional gardeners at Mercer made me a better gardener every single day that I was there. As a volunteer I feel like I gained much more personally than I contributed.
    Rick Kirk

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