About the Gardens

Mercer Botanic Gardens

is an ever-changing showcase of diversity that spans over 300 acres of woodland sanctuary which holds the region’s largest collection of native and cultivated plants.  Mercer is a living natural history museum that is home to a wealth of animal life that depends on the plants and habitat found within its boundaries.

As a Harris County Precinct 4 supported public entity, Mercer Botanic Gardens prides itself on its service to the residents of Harris County and surrounding vicinities, industries, and civic organizations. Moreover, the Gardens extend beyond the beauty and recreational delights that are evident to visitors through its outdoor displays, Mercer is now making strides to increase public awareness of its innovative behind-the-scenes research into the conservation of plant genetic resources. Vital work taking place in Mercer’s laboratory and herbarium is being conveyed through educational programs targeted towards all age levels. Whether it be around the corner or around the world, Mercer Botanic Gardens is dedicated to making a positive impact on our society.

Come discover and explore this hidden gem of Houston and Harris County.  And then, become a part of The Mercer Society’s dedicated mission to Engage, Preserve, Inspire and Rebuild this awe-inspiring resource of beauty, learning and serenity.